Dr. Viral Desai

M.Ch., D.N.B., M.S
Aesthetic & Cosmetic Plastic, Laser, Reconstructive Surgeon
Medical Director – DHI India, Medical Director – CPLSS

Dr. Desai is a leading super speciality Plastic & cosmetic surgeon in India. He is highly skilled in sheer gratification of beautifying lives through aesthetic surgery and “promptly visible results” offered by plastic surgery.

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What our patients are saying?

A few of our customers told us what they think of CPLSS. Here's what they have to say.
  • Mr. Abdullah Fahad had hair transplant performed at Dr Viral Desai's Clinic

    "Very satisfied with the result. The procedure was good and professional. I had encouraging results within four months and hope to carry on as instructed. Thank you!"

  • Mr. Gaurav Gera, Actor, had hair transplant performed at Dr Viral Desai's Clinic

    "I was a gone case - my hair was thinning at an alarming rate. I was recommended to Dr. Viral Desai by two of my friends from the TV industry. Dr. Viral and helped me get my hair back. The procedure was virtually painless - I was listening to music, messaging friends on BBM and chatting with Dr. Viral during the procedure! The results were so good that my family, friends and colleagues were astonished. A few months after my procedure, I had a second procedure with even better results! I am a very happy and satisfied client of Dr. Viral Desai and , and strongly recommend Dr. Viral Desai and to anyone who wishes to get his/her hair back."

  • Mr. Dev Lodha from Rajastan says

    Hair fall was a common problem in my family. My elder brothers lost their hair in teen age. I recently experienced the same hence wanted a permanent solution. I approached Dr Viral for hair restoration. After thorough screening and test, I was operated and got my hair back in a couple of sittings. Thanks Dr Viral! Best wishes.

  • Prabhjot Singh, Arjuna Awardee, Striker of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience


  • S Sreejesh, Captain of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience


  • Rohit Roy - Famous Actor, Director, Anchor, Host, etc talks about his hair transplant journey done at Dr. Viral Desai's clinic at DHI-Mumbai.

    After trying every "Magic Potion" and "Hair Growth Miracle" in the market; I realized that only real science could help me. Thank you Dr Viral Desai and DHI for saving the day for me !!! I got back my crowning glory; and my smile

  • JD Majethia the famous Actor & Producer of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and Khichdi write up

    When JD Majethia the famous Actor & Producer of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and Khichdi met us in 2011 he was suffering from major hair loss problems specially since he's was loosing his hairline. We were able to help restore his hairline and he was extremely satisfied with the results. As he's in a demanding industry being exposed to harsh conditions and crazy schedules he started loosing his hair in the crown area too and so after nearly six years he came to us with confidence that we will do the needfull and we were able to honour his trust in us. JD shared his personal experience in a very open and frank talk. He says “ Everybody wants to look young,loss of hair is a sign of aging. Everybody who is born will lose hair. But today you can get your hair back because of one gentleman Dr Viral Desai. I was initially scared about the the procedure but when I underwent the procedure I was smiling, laughing and chatting with my friends on the phone; its almost painless. And after this procedure I am attending a function with my family

  • Virender Sehwag, Member of the Indian National Cricket Team, speaks about his DHI experience

    Being an International level cricketer is not easy. Heat, sweat, stress and injuries take their toll, and at times hair... But thanks to DHI, the latest in hair restoration, I got my

  • Gautam Gambhir, Member of the Indian National Cricket Team, speaks about his DHI experience

    I checked out several other methods of hair restoration, and realized that DHI gave the best results, without the pain or the embarrassment of stitches. A single session is all

  • Mr. Govinda, Veteran Actor, declares to have hair transplant performed by "the Greek Method

    Arrey, isn't hair important? Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head?

  • Mr. Rahil Shaikh

    I was loosing hair badly and it had been a nightmare. I was loosing confidence and those bald patches had kept me away from meeting people. While searching for the

  • Mr. Nilesh Jain

    transplant surgery, I can see my hair grow back. I'm pleased with the results.

  • Mr. Satish Jain

    Dr Viral is a professional plastic surgeon who ethically operated me for a tummy tuck surgery. The results are positive. Thank you!


    Getting a nose job was a very scary thing for me. I knew my face would be different so I make sure to talk to Dr viral about how it would change we discussed changes both

  • Miss Samyukya Desai

    I had my lipo done at their Mumbai clinic. Feeling relieved after the procedure. The extra fat deposits were removed.

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